3 Silly Everyday Hacks I Find Super Useful

I am not a purse person. Well, I am, but not for quick errands like a grocery store run. In those situations, my favorite thing to do is keep my phone, driver’s license, and debit card all in one place. I accomplish this by using a flexible silicone case for my phone. I can easily bend it backward, slide my cards in, and pop the case back on. And it’s just as easy to retrieve them when needed. I have been using this little trick for awhile now, and one day a friend noticed me removing my debit card and exclaimed what a brilliant idea it was. I guess I looked a little dumbfounded that someone would find it clever, but then we all have those little silly everyday hacks that we use that someone else may never even have considered.


Like using a post it note to clean your keyboard – yes, you read that correctly. Before you throw out that post it note, slide the adhesive end between the keys on your keyboard to clean out those bits of dust and hairs that somehow accumulate over time.


Or using a hair straightener as an iron… I’ll be honest, I don’t iron. Like, ever. I purposefully try to never buy clothing that requires being ironed. But every once in a while, something stays in the dryer too long or lies on a shelf just long enough to create a new crease. When this happens, I break out my straightening iron and use it to quickly fix that bend in a collar or that flipped up hem.

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