About Me

Hi, I’m Brooke and I’m the the blogger behind A Little Space Like Home. I write about minimalist living and being a mom in a purposefully frugal family. I live with my husband and three girls in Medford, Oregon.



My journey to frugal living began after going back to work from having my first baby and realising I was sacrificing precious time with my family in order to pay for a house I wasn’t in many hours of the day, for a car that sat idle in a parking lot for 40 hours a week and for the unenviable stress of being a working mom.

I quickly re-evaluated my priorities and our family budget in order to actually be present for my kids as they grew and our family expanded. This lead me down the path to frugal living and thoughtful spending.

I started this blog to share my findings, thoughts and ideas on frugal living, parenting and running a minimalist household. I hope you enjoy it!