At Home Date Nights

An at home date night can be a way to guarantee that you spend quality time with your sweetie uninterrupted by waiters, car trips, or expensive bar tabs! With a little planning beforehand, quality time at home can be both memorable and fun.


Game night is a great way to have a date at home and guarantee you don’t fall into the same old, same old of just spending the night in front of the tv. Card or board games are inexpensive options that can entertain all night long. If you’re feeling lucky or want to up the stakes of a card or board game, have the loser be in charge of dishes or some other household task. Dinner for that evening can be typical bar food like chips and dips, Buffalo wings, and other appetizers, but be sure to include a yummy dessert to cap the evening off in a special way.


If “healthy” competition isn’t in you or your mate’s vocabulary, then a cooperative activity may be the best option. Consider working together to solve a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, or preparing a fondue dinner together for a fun and interactive meal time. Cheese fondues are easy to customize to whatever cuisine you are craving, or even whatever dipping items you may have on hand. Make sure you finish the evening off with chocolate fondue. If you don’t have a fondue pot that is okay- a double boiler can be used to heat your fondue. Just be prepared to reheat as you go or serve only small portions throughout your meal.


Another date night at home option is to surprise your love with breakfast in bed for dinner. Breakfast in bed is lovely in the morning and there is no reason it can’t be just as relaxing at night. Pancakes or French toast are a traditional option and when paired with a protein like eggs or bacon can provide a substantial evening meal. But if cereal is your favorite breakfast treat, then pour two bowls and clink spoons in cheers. Pair your meal with a newspaper, magazine, or catalog you can peruse together or dust off those books you’ve both been meaning to read but haven’t found the time for. Sometimes it can be just as nice to eat a meal in companionable silence and read side by side as it is to do something together.

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