Planning a Family Camping Trip

Camping is a great opportunity for a family to spend quality time together. Getting away from the lure of digital distractions and having to work together for a common goal is a guaranteed opportunity for memory making that camping provides. But without a proper pre-planning a family camping trip can be a disaster waiting to […]

At Home Date Nights

An at home date night can be a way to guarantee that you spend quality time with your sweetie uninterrupted by waiters, car trips, or expensive bar tabs! With a little planning beforehand, quality time at home can be both memorable and fun.   Game night is a great way to have a date at […]

How to Paint a Refrigerator

Do you have an old, non-stainless steel fridge at home? While it successfully keeps your food salmonella-free, does it make you cringe every time you see its bland and boringly almond exterior? Covering it with magnets and the little one’s artwork can only help so much, but with a little bit of elbow grease you […]