Ding Dong Dash: Small, Thoughtful Ways of Giving without Excess

Sometimes you want to treat a friend or family member to a nice surprise, but not necessarily intrude on their time – the new parents you don’t want to disturb when they have a rare opportunity to grab a few winks, the friend who didn’t pass that big test, or the coworker who doesn’t want to make a big deal of their new promotion – and that’s where a Ding-Dong Dash comes in to play. As a kid, ding-dong dashes definitely had a negative connotation but this grown up twist is a far cry from leaving a flaming bag of you know what on someone’s doorstep!


How to Do a Ding Dong Dash

It is always a good idea make sure that the person you’re treating to something special will be home, or that there is a safe place to put your goods where they will be protected from both the elements and curious passersby. In addition, make sure you provide some kind of indication who the surprise is from, so that the doorbell owner does not become suspicious of the mysterious glazed donuts on his or her front porch. Finally, be careful ding-dong ditching—especially getting away. Driving or running recklessly and causing an accident would be a terrible way to end this act of kindness.


Ditch Gift ideas:

Donuts and OJ (add in a bottle of bubbly if appropriate) for the exhausted and worn out new parents who are often so focused on feeding the new baby they forget to feed themselves.

Magazine, nail polish, and a face mask- have a friend who needs a reminder to take care of herself? Provide them with the tools to relax for thirty minutes or so.

DVD, microwave popcorn, and a six pack (beverage should be best suited to age and preference)- The class mom who always has cupcakes ready and the soccer dad who always steps up to coach the team deserve a date night every now and then. Try this on a night you’ve already volunteered to host a sleepover.

Cards and a kiss – Some days you just need to remind someone they are cared for. Leaving a handwritten card and a candy kiss is a simple yet perfect way to let them know.


Any of these ideas will make the ditchee forgot about those old fashioned ding dong ditches and maybe even inspire them to spread the kindness themselves.

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