Family Calling Cards (Like Business Cards for Moms!)

Whenever you are lucky enough to make a new mom friend, exchanging contact info and scheduling a play date is a priority. Though not a necessity, family business cards or calling cards are wonderful to have at hand to exchange with your new acquaintance.

Family business cards typically contain the names, email address, and phone numbers for the family. The addition of a space to schedule a play date on the card is convenient for scheduling. Once your children are older, family business cards can be a safe and secure way to exchange numbers with friends at school.

In this digital age, privacy is very important and a family business card with a group email and phone number can provide a safe and easy way to ensure you are aware of the people your child is interacting with.


Privacy: Security is always important when exchanging contact information associated with your children. It is a good idea to use a family email and phone number not necessarily associated with your personal email and phone number. You have a few options for creating these contacts. The usual Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail options are easy to use. Consider using the first initials of each family member followed by the word home for an easy to remember email address. For a free unassociated phone number, there are Skype and Google talk. Both can provide phone numbers that can directly routed to more than one phone.


Purchasing: Business cards can be printed at home and made from templates found both online and in  word processor and publisher programs. Reasonably priced options for ordering cards online can be found at Vistaprint or Moo. Personalized family business cards or calling cards can also be found on Etsy.

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