Hosting a Low-Stress Popup Retail Party in Your Home

Hosting a direct sale pop up party in your home can be a very rewarding opportunity for a host, but it also comes with the responsibility of providing a rewarding experience for both your guests and the sales consultant. Often when guests have an enjoyable time they are more likely to make purchases, which likely means more perks or rewards for you, the host. A few key preparations can help ensure that you are able to enjoy your pop up party and boost its success.


Keep it clean and simple:

When you decide on food try to choose two simple options and one that requires a little more effort. Doing this will give the impression you spent lots of time cooking, but only you’ll know how easy it really was. For example, you could serve a menu of Crock Pot meatballs, antipasto skewers, and goat cheese crostini. One thing to consider is that, depending on what is being sold at the party, you may want to make sure that the food you serve can’t drip or spill on any of the merchandise.


Clear off surfaces:

When a consultant arrives to set up for a party it is a good idea have already cleared off all of the available surfaces in your home. This way you don’t have to rush around clearing them off so the consultant can set up once they arrive.


Seating for all:

Ensuring enough seating is always important when you are inviting a crowd to your home. This is the time to be creative with seating. Dining room chairs don’t have stay in the dining room and that bench from the breakfast nook can be comfortable seating with the addition of a few throw pillows from the den.


Charity Opportunity:

Confer with your consultant on donating an item or gift certificate and offer a raffle for party goers who bring in items for a charity drive. Depending on the time of year, you could solicit back to school supplies, canned goods, stocking stuffers, toiletries for a homeless person’s or women’s refuge, or pet supplies for a local animal shelter.

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