Make Your Own Christmas/Birthday Card Books

At the end of a holiday season or after a birthday you can end up with quite a collection of cards. While they were nicely displayed and cheered up a room throughout a season what to do with them now that the holiday is over is a quandary.

It seems sad to throw away the glitter flecked card, lovely hand written messages, or beautiful family portraits friends and family have sent, but what to do with them?

A card book is a quick craft that can corral all of your cards together so they can be stored away and brought out in the future. It can be nice to display your previous years card books each year and it is fun to see family’s grow and change from year to year.



  • Hole punch
  • Index card
  • Loose Rings or Ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Markers, paint, or other decorating items


First, create covers for your book. Select your largest card and make sure that the front and back cover are the same size or larger. Decorate your cover as you wish; a possibility is writing the year on the front cover. Next, you will need to punch holes in your covers and each of your cards. To make sure that the holes are uniformly spaced, use the edges of an index card to mark lightly where to punch. Depending on the average size of your cards, you can use the shorter or longer edge of the index card to measure. Finally, after all your cards have been hole punched, bind with either ribbon or the loose rings. Store in a zip top bag to protect from leaks, mold, and fading.

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