Parenting: It’s the Little Things

There are so many things that new parents just aren’t prepared for when their first little one comes along- just how much sleep they won’t have, how annoying washing bottle after bottle will be, or just how gross a blown out diaper is. You learn those things along the way, and so much that seems strange at first becomes second nature. Picking up that paci off the floor and cleaning it with your own mouth before proffering it to your infant won’t be that odd. Nor will all the things you learn to do one handed, or your willingness to wear a spit up-stained shirt when you’re in a rush to run out the door. But not everything is bodily fluids and exhausted nights—and I wish I had known what would be coming when I was sitting up late at night just wishing for my little one to nod back off to sleep.


The moment when your little one learns to jump- it will be hilarious and a guaranteed belly laugh. You see, it will start with a little bend of the knee and then they will slowly crouch down to practically a full squat. Then with a rush of energy they’ll throw their arms up and stand up with such force you’ll be worried they’ll fall backwards. But, but, but! They will not move an inch off the ground but lack of vertical air notwithstanding, they will immediately look at you with a huge grin as if to say, “Hey, whoa, did you see what I just did! I practically jumped to the moon!” And they will do it over and over and over and it is funny every single time.


Or when they discover boogers or even just nostrils. Sure it’s gross, but kids think it’s pretty darn cool. And they will, with the seriousness of a paleontologist uncovering a new type of dinosaur, even help you explore your nose. And if nostrils are off-limits in your house don’t worry, belly buttons are just as interesting and entertaining. Really, the discovery of almost any body part is a fascinating and joyous time for a little one. You can practically hear them saying about hands, “Whoa, I have two of these!” or feet, “Mom, did you see these things down here! They even come with toes!”


It will always be the little things that I will look back on and wish I had known about before I became a parent. The things that still make me giggle when I think back to those moments. But I suppose maybe knowing about them would have taken just a little of the magic out of those first little jumps or belly button expeditions.

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