Quick and Easy Front Porch Decorations

Front porch decorations- seasonal or not- are not just for the craftiest of us, but can be accomplished by anyone with just a few supplies available at most big box stores or local craft stores.


A large lantern can be filled with seasonal decorations as a fun addition to your front porch. This type of decoration can also be perfect for someone with not a lot of storage space. A small flip top box or smaller could easily hold your collection of seasonal décor organized in gallon zip boxes. For the different seasons, possible fillers can be: 

Spring/Summer: miniature beach balls, flowers

Fall: fake miniature pumpkins, flags,

Winter:  holiday lights, Christmas tree bulbs


A planter with an address number written on it can be an attractive addition to your front porch with the added benefit of providing easy view of your house number- which can be especially great when your house numbers are harder to identify. Whether you use a large clay pot or plastic potting container you can stencil or freehand your address number on with acrylic paint or even a permanent marker- consider a metallic option. If you will be keeping flowers that need to be watered it can be a good idea to give the numbers a clear coat to ensure that the numbers are long lasting.


A planter tower can be a practical or purely decorative way to add greenery to your front porch. Often created for herb gardens, planter towers are typically three levels high and constructed by placing an inverted planter inside of another planter. The inverted planter will have to be slightly smaller than the right-side-up container. The inverted planter is now the base for the next level of planter. That second level planter should contain another smaller planter inverted to act as a base for the third and smallest planter. You can use an adhesive to connect the inverted planter to the planter resting on top it. Once you have constructed the tower you can now fill the open spaces with soil and herbs or flowers. For a detailed diagram of a planter tower, see: http://www.marthastewart.com/272422/tower-of-herbs?czone=home/decorating-outdoor-living/prep-and-care

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