Things You Are Probably Under Utilizing if You Have Amazon Prime

We all love the free two-day shipping (or if we are lucky, same day) that comes with an Amazon Prime membership. But emergency school supplies and last minute birthday gifts aren’t the only things you get with Amazon Prime, and I guarantee that you are under-utilizing your Prime account. The five benefits below are just some of the offers included with your $99 membership that you may be surprised to learn are available to you.


Did you know about the Kindle Lending Library? It’s the opportunity to borrow one free book each month. You have a huge selection of thousands of titles from every genre you can imagine. And don’t forget you don’t even need a Kindle any more to access this- there is a Kindle app for most phones and tablets now.


Amazon recently introduced Audible Channels. Audible is an Amazon owned app that provides audio material ranging from audio books to spoken word series. Audible Channels through Prime gives you access to not just the audio series, but also a selection of free audio books that can even be downloaded so you don’t have to use up your phone’s data plan to stream them.


Amazon Family offers Prime members family oriented offers and coupons. Registries can be created and completed registries are offered a discount. Possibly best of all is the 20% off diaper subscriptions. Diapers are comparably priced to those you might find at retail outlets and are even better with the discount.  Delivery directly to your door is just an added bonus.


Amazon’s Prime Now service is currently only offered in certain areas, but it is spreading to more and more locations and if it’s available where you live you should definitely give it a try. With a $20 minimum purchase, Prime Now offers one or two hour deliveries of items ranging from laundry baskets to ice cream to jogging strollers.


I don’t know about you, but I protect my phone’s data plan like it’s my firstborn. If you are the same, then Prime Video is for you.  With old and new movies and tv seasons in every genre, Prime Video allows you to not only stream, but also download what you intend to watch onto your phone. There are limits to the number of items you can download at a time and how long they can stay on your device, but you should still be able to carry around plenty of entertainment content in your pocket.

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